[geeklog-devel] Geeklog Story Size Limits

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Nov 23 16:00:02 EST 2007

Jeff Hare wrote:

>What's the chance of bumping the story body type up to MEDIUMTEXT?

I'd like to pass this question on to our database experts: What would be
the downsides? Would it, for example, require more space even if not used?

>Also, has anyone found a good approach
>for offline editing?  My users are bellowing about having to compose
>articles interactively online.

Sounds like a job for the webservices API. Blaine didn't seem to have a
lot of success with Windows Live Writer but we haven't gotten down to
the details. It may be a problem in WLW or the problem may be on
Geeklog's end (one of these should be easier to fix than the other ;-)

Or you could give my old blog plugin a try. It implemented the Blogger
API, so it should work with many clients that support that protocol. I
don't know if it still works, though - haven't used it myself in a
while. And since we didn't have an "internal API" back then, it had to
write directly to the database - so any db changes that happened since
then may have broken it ...

bye, Dirk


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