[geeklog-devel] GL selectable between HTML and XHTML

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Nov 24 10:12:28 EST 2007

Yoshinori Tahara wrote:

>I'm sorry.
>I thought a change to english.php to be should apply to english_utf-8.php

Ah, I see. Only 3 language files seem to have been patched that way so I
guess we're okay. The template files don't have $Id lines, though, so
it's hard to see if some of them were affected or not.

>I will confirm whether there is not such a thing elsewhere once again.


>Do you change it as follows?
>if (!defined ('XHTML')) {
>    define('XHTML',''); // change this to ' /' for XHTML
>if (!defined ('BR')) {
>    define('BR', '<br' . XHTML . '>');

Good question: What would be the best place to define BR (and XHTML)?
Now that we don't have a config.php any more ...

If we do it like suggested above, we need a default definition of BR (to
'<br>') somewhere in the core code. In fact, we need to define it
somewhere else, because the language files are included before the
theme's functions.php.

Hmm, maybe this doesn't work out as I intended.

>We are ready to modify code again if demanded.

I'd say we get your current patch into CVS first. I have a couple of
other things that I'd like to add to CVS and that I'm holding back for
the moment. Plus, we need to think things through wrt BR first.

bye, Dirk


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