[geeklog-devel] [geeklog-cvs] Geeklog-1.x

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Nov 25 15:50:50 EST 2007

Mark R. Evans wrote:

>The final area where Geeklog needs improvement is the template engine.

It's perfectly possible that I'm missing something but what exactly is
the problem with our template engine? It may be slow but so what - it
has been slow ever since Geeklog existed in its current form. For me, a
faster / better / whatever template engine is a "nice to have" feature
that ranks pretty low on my list. I really don't get all the emotion
that seems to be involved here.

>As I sit on the sidelines and watch all this unfold, it basically pisses me
>off that Joe goes to all this effort, I champion it and provide
>benchmarking, testing and validation and it is completely ignored, over and
>over.  After 3 months of begging on this list for at least a response, we
>get 'Better luck next time' with a reference to a freeze that was selective
>at best.

Phrasing it as "Better luck next time" was basically _me_ being pissed
off about how things were (or rather weren't) going since the end of the
SoC. It certainly wasn't aimed at you or your efforts. Sorry if you took
it that way.

bye, Dirk


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