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I'm sorry to see you leave Oliver!  I hope eventually you will come back.

I really think frustrations have developed primarily through lack of and
organization of communication.  A project management tool is really needed
here.  Especially when more people seem to be using the mailing list (like
me) to see where Geeklog is headed, to help out when they can and to give
feedback on features, etc. A mailing list really isn't the best tool for all

We should work at getting Mantis up (or some other tool) fairly soon.  If a
server is needed I could install Mantis on mine.


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I think Dwight is working on getting us up on Mantis.  I'm looking at
how difficult it would be to integrate mantis with Geeklog.


On 10/24/07, Web Site Master <WebSiteMaster at cogeco.net> wrote:
> On a side note, It would be nice to get things a little more organized.  I
> think a lot of things tend to get lost in the shuffle on this list,
> especially if it has been busy (like lately)  Geeklog use to have a
> list but it has been missing for a while.  We need something more powerful
> than this mailing list to help organize the discussions here.
> Maybe we need to move to Sourceforge or some other project management web
> application.  It would probably solve a fair number of our communication
> problems.  Geeklog use to use Sourceforge but I am not sure what happened
> there.  The Geeklog project should probably be removed from Sourceforge
> unless we plan to start using it and keep it updated.
> Tom
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