[geeklog-devel] New GL default theme

Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Mon Nov 26 10:43:53 EST 2007

Web Site Master wrote:
> I'm sorry to see you leave Oliver!  I hope eventually you will come back.
> I really think frustrations have developed primarily through lack of and
> organization of communication. 
I am also pretty upset that Oliver was taking so much heat and frankly 
it was communication of the wrong style that created the situation in 
which Oliver felt he had enough. If this keeps up, I fear that Dirk will 
also get fed up and that would be the worse thing possible to happen to 
this project. Oliver has been excellent to work with over the past few 
years and he's been a solid contributor and someone we could depend on. 
Oliver posted some excellent explanations of why people work on 
OpenSource projects and specifically Geeklog which means making personal 
sacrifices to help others. Why would someone then wish to volunteer to 
work on a project where the community attacks you.

I hope Oliver comes back and maybe he will but right now, he's pretty 
frustrated and I don't blame him for being so.

We need to support each other and yes, that means sometimes we don't get 
our way. We are all very busy and that means sometimes we miss a few 
details, or have implemented a feature in the best possible way.

The core Dev team may not be the largest project but we enjoy working 
together and respect each other. In the 5 years+ that I have been 
involved we have not argued,  but I have seen more antagonistic emails 
to the core dev team in the past year then ever and I don't like the 
direction this "COMMUNICATION" is taking.

I liked the way the dev email list developed interest and support for 
the new theme and XHTML support so once that was accepted to be in 1.5. 
Why did we have to turn that into a negative and a platform to start 
jumping on the dev team. It should have been used as an example of how 
to influence the team. Being abusive, personal or dragging up emails 
from 6mths ago saying she said, he said is not really the same positive 
approach. The idea of trying to make a Dev member look dumb to get your 
way is not really a good long term strategy.


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