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Joe Mucchiello joe at ThrowingDice.com
Wed Nov 28 14:36:59 EST 2007

At 02:18 PM 11/28/2007, Dirk Haun wrote:
>So, strictly speaking, the ADMIN_list functions are not part of the
>plugin API, although I can perfectly understand that plugin authors may
>want to use them, e.g. for consistent looks. The question is: How many
>really do? From what I can see, neither Blaine nor Mark seem to use them
>in their plugins, for example.

ADMIN_list or ADMIN_simplelist is in the sourcecode of both forums 
and mediagallery. Blaine and Mark however don't use the $menu_arr (or 
later) parameters so those plugins are not affected by the change. 
Ratings, faq, autotags, and glutil will need updates of the plugins 
I'm aware of (and that's really not all that many). It came up for 
mostly working with merging changes for calendar.

Not wanting to start another argument but "plugin API" in my opinion 
applies to all the function plugins call: COM_, SEC_, DB_, etc. If 
you change the interface to SEC_hasAccess for some reason, it will 
affect plugins.

Joe Mucchiello
Throwing Dice Games

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