[geeklog-devel] 1.5 Installer stuff

Joe Mucchiello joe at ThrowingDice.com
Thu Oct 11 23:03:30 EDT 2007

I agree. It would be nice is there were a "root" maintenance mode. 
That is beyond the scope of getting hosed by flipping a config option 
to false by mistake. Start a new thread. :-)


At 10:53 PM 10/11/2007, Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
>Well I did not say that you said :-P
>moving it out into the file where the DB settings are stored is one option.
>Anyhow I do not like this site-enabled function a lot, but it 
>depends what you expect from it.
>If you need it to make sure no functions of the site are used 
>because of a hacking attack or similar, its fine.
>If you want to close for maintenance, it would be good if root could 
>log in somehow and see the site but noone else could.
>Joe Mucchiello wrote:
>>I didn't say there was an easy fix. It's just an unforseen 
>>consequence of putting the configuration into the database. A 
>>shorter fix then recoding root can login is to remove Site_Enabled 
>>from the list of variables that goes into the database and move it 
>>to the db-config.php file. Not very intuitive but at least it works.
>>At 09:52 PM 10/11/2007, Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
>>>Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
>>>>Joe Mucchiello wrote:
>>>>>More fun: Go into Configuration and set "site enabled" to false.
>>>>>Now set it back to true....
>>>>will try it.
>>>tried it :-)
>>>the question is if we have to work something out that the root can 
>>>still log in. This seems like a major programming issue however, 
>>>nothing that is fixed in 2 lines.
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