[geeklog-devel] Fresh install Admin Directory Path issue

Oliver Spiesshofer oliver at spiesshofer.com
Fri Oct 26 00:33:22 EDT 2007

Could you please add this here after the line 161 into that index.php?

            echo "site: $site_url"
                . "<br>self :" . $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']
                . "<br>admin :". preg_replace('/\/install.*/', '', 

for debugging


=MF=Geiss wrote:
 > gotcha. sorry. :-)
 > admin/install/install.php is v1.19. Cleared my browser cache, and 
it's still doubling up. I've left the install directory active. Take a 
look yourself and tell me what you think.
 > http://geiss.getmyip.com/gl15/admin/install/install.php
 > btw, my db-config file is at G:/xampp/Geeklog-1.x/db-config.php
 > Did a New Install.
 > G:/xampp/htdocs/gl15 is the public_html folder, for ie. 
G:/xampp/htdocs/gl15/index.php is homepage, 
G:/xampp/htdocs/gl15/admin/install/install.php is the URL referenced above.
 > Thx!
 > Eric

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