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Mark R. Evans mevans at ecsnet.com
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Very cool, but my first thought is what is really gained by doing this?  I
understand the benefit of cleaner code, but just how much is really
eliminated by removing the table that currently drives the layout?

I've been involved in many 'discussions' on tables vs CSS and I've yet to
see a convincing argument for either approach.  Each solution seems to have
its place in the world.  Generally the benefits of a CSS only solution is
that it makes the content available to more users.  For example, if you are
using a browser that does not support the CSS (screen readers, tools used by
those who are visually impaired, etc.), CSS degrades very well.  The typical
3 column layout is center, left, right in a CSS solution.  This way, if the
CSS cannot be interpreted, the main content is shown first. 

With this solution, it actually moves it to the end, so that the right, left
and then center content would be shown.  At least in the current table
layout, you get left then center.  So we are back to what are the true
benefits of a CSS only solution?

Also, we are starting to see some very nice themes come out for Geeklog.  I
would hate to see each of them break on the next release and I'm afraid that
could be the result if the right / left blocks are both in the header.  If
this could be implemented as an option so that legacy themes can still work,
I think that would be an acceptable approach.

I do think your solution is very good and I only wish I had the skills to do
something similar.  I'm just not clear on the problem that is actually being


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Hi guys,

I found a way how to make a CSS-only layout (no tables) that takes into
account that sometimes we do not have any right (or left) blocks.
The important thing here is that the right or left column vanishes visually

The issue with the solution is that the right blocks have to be in the
sourcecode _before_ the center block. Otherwise the right float does not

If you want to take a look, please open


In order to make this work, we have to change the COM_siteHeader and
COM_siteFooter so that both right and left blocks are shown by the
siteHeader function.

This would allow a much greater flixibility to the layout since two of the
three major design elements would come from one function and be in one
layout file. Only he center content would be appended in the end.

 From my point of view there is nothing to object to that, the overall
layout could look exactly the same, there could be a reduction in template
code and a much larger flexibility for template coders, not to mention that
we would stop using tables for layout.

Still, before I do this, I would like to hear if there are any objections to

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