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Trinity trinity93 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 07:37:04 EDT 2008

I think a name change would be an excellent idea. The name Geeklog dose not
promote the robustness or flexibility of the code base. If we wish to
maintain and increase interested developers and end users to this project we
have to have a name that doesn't limit, in the minds of those who encounter
it, what the software in question is capable of. Geeklog to me would be fine
if the code base was focused around single author blogging,

We all know this is not what we have before us anymore. Geeklog has
blossomed into something much more than a simple web blog script. Some of
the plugins and add-ons I have seen in development are more geared to
commerce, community building, project management, and information retrieval.
Work  is being done on creating plugins that add social networking features,
e-commerce, and document/media management. Developers are using Geeklog to
create sites for both "for profit" and  "non profit" use as well as personal

So here is an idea.......

I remember that at one time, I suggested making the story/article stuff a
separate plug in. and calling this a web site/application/portal development
framework. To most people in the industry the word CMS means such a thing.
If the story/articles plugin was called Geeklog but the core framework
something else I think it would make more sense.  I think it would be a bad
decision to abandon the familiarity of the geeklog brand

If  I thought it would  benefit  the community  and the community was
receptive to this idea, I would allow the use of a brand name I had come up
with for creating a some what commercial website oriented version of
geeklog. The brand name i was planing on using was Slackdog. I still plan on
using the name for my commercial consulting work as in i own slackdog.com.
But if you were to register slackdog.org  and use it for the core framework
site,  my marketing endeavors would trickle down and help promote the

quite a few open source projects have a commercial  entity offering for fee
support and customization services attached to them. I would be willing to
contribute some % of profits to the support of the open source project as
well and entertain partnering with other core dev's on my business venture.
Wouldent it be nice if the core devs got paid to work on the code full time?

I know this might at first sound self serving but i am just trying to help
and throw ideas around. If you think this is a bad idea  i would be
interested in knowing the reasons and get an idea of what everyone would
like to see.

- Trinity

On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 1:28 AM, Michael Jervis <mjervis at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 9, 2008 at 3:03 AM, Tony Bibbs <tony at tonybibbs.com> wrote:
> > Good, it's not just me.  I think we undervalue the importance of a name.
>  I know it sounds like a bunch non-technical BS but if you go on name alone
> who would you pick:
> >
> >  Geeklog
> >  Joomla
> >  Drupal
> >  PHPNuke
> >  Wordpress
> Me, I'd go on name alone:
> PHPNuke
> Geeklog
> Drupal
> Joomla
> Wordpress
> And in reality I went:
> PHPNuke
> Geeklog
> Drupal
> Geeklog
> Changing the name /might/ be good, but you have to consider what
> you're re-branding for. Are you re-branding to sell a platform to
> build sites (glue as Euan suggested?) or to sell to the
> Wordpress/Drupal style market where they just want a ready to go
> platform. i.e. developers or (I struggle to find the right word here,
> non-technical site owners?)
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