[geeklog-devel] Perception is everything...

Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Wed Apr 9 22:32:29 EDT 2008

Dirk Haun wrote:
 > It may be a language issue, but I never had a problem over here 
"selling" Geeklog. If anything, the name was considered a bit bland and 
non-descriptive, but not "offensive".

The name issue has always been a problem for me and I think many of us 
when describing the solution/framework. I used to be a lot more 
sensitive to the funny looks I would get and mostly ignore the looks now 
but know it definitely effects our ability to sell GL to customers and 
potential developers that I have tried to get involved. If a developer 
or a user spends much time with GL then they can appreciate it but it 
definitely is a challenge or hurdle at first impressions. Just today, I 
had lunch with a long-time friend that now has a senior management 
position. Trying to describe what I do and using the word Geeklog makes 
it sound like we are using a 3rd rate solution.

Joomola which is a fork of Mambo had some initial "what's that comments" 
and now it's more well known then Mambo is. We need a name like Drupal 
which sounds great, means nothing, in any language that I know, and does 
not give any negative impressions.

As part of the name change would be a new site design and communication 
plan. This is really the same approach the Core team discussed 2-3 years 
ago. I think leveraging the SOC and getting community support with case 
studies would really help sell the new re-launch. The community has some 
large sites that should be willing to help us with cross-marketing.

This has been a long-time desire of mine to have a better name and just 
felt there was not enough support to make this happen.

I agree with Mark that we also need to get our project resources setup 
properly as it's a bit embarrassing ;)
Are there not members of the community that can offer their time and 
experience to setup the needed applications?


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