[geeklog-devel] Perception is everything...

Damien Hodgkin dracul01 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 22:01:50 EDT 2008

This is both off and on topic.

1. As far as GL2 development, there was what seemed to be a brief hiatus for 
some of us on the "core team". I cannot speak for the others but my hiatus 
from developing GL2 was do to a very personal struggle which took a toll on 
me emotionally and financially. But needless to say I feel very privileged 
that Tony chose my Content plugin for part of the major functionality of Gl2. 

2. I think that the splitting of the base code (ie. framework) from the 
full "product" (ie. everything ready to run) is a good idea. Duel licensing 
would definitely be, IMO, a good and a bad thing. As the problem arises what 
parts are to be completely free and what is to be considered commercial? 
Easily remedied with proper planning and discussion. Which brings me to the 
fact that this discussion is a very important one indeed. 

2a. Now, as far as the "framework" goes, obviously GL1.x is far too far along 
to effectively separate the underlying "framework" from it. Of course GL2 is 
just that right now, only a framework, that we are trying to get ready for an 
alpha release with enough functionality to do what people expect it to do as 
a full application. But no matter how far along we get with GL2 it will still 
just be a framework with a large amount of plugins. Therefore making it 
highly customizable. Want just a blog? Just use the Content plugin. Need 
integration with a desktop client for posting articles, static content, or 
posts? Activate the (of course these two are not yet in existence) 
ATOM/XMLRPC plugin. Of course GL1.x is just as customizable, but in a 
different way. 

Ok I'm losing my train of thought and I am going to start digressing ( I can 
feel it ). So I will leave this as is and let others elaborate on it, or 
scrutinize it. Rip my thoughts apart if you want. Take them to heart and 
start a religion, I don't care. I just wanted to get my thoughts on the 
discussion out. It all boils down to this: I have been following Geeklog 
since 2004 and it is far from dead. And as one of the core developers on GL2 
I can definitely say that GL2 is far from dead. As far as I know since I have 
been developing on it, it has never come close to dying out.

So there are my thoughts and digressions.

Best Regards,
"To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold 
infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour." - William Blake
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