[geeklog-devel] Need to decouple config order from language file

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Feb 3 15:03:25 EST 2008

Currently, the order of some things on the configuration screens is
actually controlled by the order of their respective text entries in the
language file.

For example, for the "Core" settings, the three groups on the "Stories
and Trackback" section are in the order Trackback - Pingback - Story
since that is their order in the language file:

$LANG_fs['Core'] = array(
    22 => 'Trackback',
    23 => 'Pingback',
    24 => 'Story',

Since the section is entitled "Stories and Trackback", it would make
more sense that the "Story" group comes first. But that would mean
changing the text array:

    22 => 'Story',
    23 => 'Trackback',
    24 => 'Pingback',

If we were to do something like that in a future Geeklog version, all
the translations would have to be updated accordingly. Sounds like a
recipe for disaster to me ...

The same problem actually exists with the groups themselves (i.e. the
$LANG_configsubgroups array).

We need to decouple the order in the language file from the display
order somehow. Any suggestions?

If it requires changes in the language files then so be it. Better now
than in a later version ...

bye, Dirk


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