[geeklog-devel] Need to decouple config order from language file

Joe Mucchiello joe at ThrowingDice.com
Sun Feb 3 16:54:47 EST 2008

Okay I just looked at the code for a few seconds and it seems simple 
to fix this (In other words I didn't test this...):

The SQL in function _get_extended is ordered by "sort_order" which I 
assume is what you want. So:

         while ($row = DB_fetchArray($Qresult)) {
             $cur = $row;
             $res[$cur[3]][] =           // don't change the sort order
                 array('name' => $cur[0],        // include name in 
result array
                        'display_name' =>
                       (array_key_exists($cur[0], $LANG_confignames[$group]) ?
                        : $cur[0]),
                       'type' =>
                       (($cur[4] == 'unset') ?
                        'unset' : $cur[1]),
                       'selectionArray' =>
                       (($cur[2] != -1) ?
                        $LANG_configselects[$group][$cur[2]] : null),
                       'value' =>
                       (($cur[4] == 'unset') ?
                        'unset' : unserialize($cur[4])));

and then in get_ui ignore the key value.

             foreach ($params as $e) {
                 $fs_contents .=

Am I missing something here?

This config stuff is a great idea but it being still unready for 
release at this time is annoying. There are too many areas of it that 
are not well thought out.

* The UI code should be moved to another class. There's no reason to 
load the UI code except in admin/configuration.php so why does it get 
loaded for every hit to lib-common?
* The config class checks that you are in group root in _get_ui and 
updateConfig but set_param and restore_param rely on checks in 
admin/configuration.php to avoid hacking of settings.
* Don't you love the mix of _ between words and camelCase found in 
the function and var names!

At 03:03 PM 2/3/2008, Dirk Haun wrote:
>Currently, the order of some things on the configuration screens is
>actually controlled by the order of their respective text entries in the
>language file.

Joe Mucchiello
Throwing Dice Games

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