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Mark Howard mark at the-howards.net
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Hi Blaine -

Understood, and not against it, my primary point was that WebDAV is more
appropriately implemented (IMHO) as a module/extension to the http server,
not as an extension/plugin to GeekLog, and in fact, such an implementation
already exists.

I guess the question I'd ask is what PHP-script-based implementation does
for you that the web server module does not?  (Sincere) apologies if I'm
missing something obvious here.

My experience is that as in most of these emerging capabilities, client-side
functionality, reliability and compatibility greatly varies.  For instance,
the openoffice.org implementation doesn't get along that well with the
Office 2007 stuff, and the MS implementation of the client/requestor is
imperfect.  As it is with most things, MS has a pretty biased and inflexible
view towards their particular interpretation of the RFC, etc., eg. they are
right and everyone else must be wrong.


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Mark Howard wrote:
> WebDAV is kewl, however for code authoring/maintenance needs, I find that
> can accomplish nearly the same level of functionality simply by utilizing
> the usually-available sftpd, along with the workstation client
> implementation such as WebDrive [www.webdrive.com] or SFTPDrive
> [www.sftpdrive.com] in the Windows space, or sshfs (fuse-based)
> [http://fuse.sourceforge.net/sshfs.html] in the Linux space to directly
> access my hosting account folder tree.
That may be fine for geeks but try and see if Betty Boop in accounting 
that wants to update a document maintained on the Intranet file 
repository (Geeklog) would have any idea what that means. A user just 
wants to open the file in the default application (have it lock the file 
automatically) and save it - updating the remote file automatically. MS 
Office and other apps automatically support WebDAV and it's a protocol 
thats gaining in popularity after 10years+.
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