[geeklog-devel] WebDAV

Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Sun Feb 24 17:50:22 EST 2008

Mark Howard wrote:
> Understood, and not against it, my primary point was that WebDAV is more
> appropriately implemented (IMHO) as a module/extension to the http server,
> not as an extension/plugin to GeekLog, and in fact, such an implementation
> already exists.
Mark, I agree that it would be best to investigate using the native 
WebServer extension and I've not spent enough time exploring the 
how-to-options. It's been on my list of projects for a couple years to 
look at and has just not bubbled to the top. It may be that all is 
needed is for a DM plugin to work have the capability of working with 
the WebDAV server file system.


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