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Thomas Koch thomas at koch.ro
Mon Feb 25 03:39:48 EST 2008

Am Sonntag 24 Februar 2008 17:34:11 schrieb Blaine Lang:
> Thomas Koch wrote:
> > Hi geeks,
> >
> > FYI: http://www.ezcomponents.org/docs/tutorials/Webdav
> >
> > A fresh, unit-tested, well documented, PHP5 WebDAV component. Would be
> > glad to see it used in other projects, too.
> Hi Thomas,
> This looks interesting but have to ask, what are the dependencies of
> using a ezcomponent as I expect it depends on the core ezc framework.
> Not sure how familiar you are with the Geeklog framework but can you
> comment on the effort/feasibility of adapting this component
> Blaine

Using an eZ Component requires you to load the __autoload mechanism of the 
components and therefore to also use the Base component, which provides the 
autoload mechanism.
You can use many autoload mechanisms in parallel, but also plug your own 
classes in the eZ autoload mechanism. Just as you like.
The design philosophy of the components is, that no component must require 
another component. So you can pick only those components you need.
The licence is New BSD, compatible with everything else.

The PHP requirement of each component is listed in this file:


Thomas Koch

Thomas Koch, Software Developer

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