[geeklog-devel] Redirect after login

Rob Howard - KWFS rob.howard at kwfs.info
Wed Feb 3 17:33:16 EST 2010

I think the login re-direct process could be made alot more complex rather
than just remaining on the same page after login  perhaps in the next
version of geeklog there could be an option in the configuration to allow
you to re-direct to static page perhaps. Maybe something that can be done in
the Summer of Code?

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Tom wrote:

>The only case I can think of at the moment  (which a client brought up
>recently) was that if a user tried to access something they did not have
>access too they would be redirected to a page (maybe a staticpage, story,
>login form with a staticpage on top that contains a message) that explains
>the benefits of registering on the site.

The login form uses a template, so such a message could be added there.
Actually, preparing the login form should call CUSTOM_templateSetVars()
so that you can define your own template variables. I'll add that.

With the proposed change, Geeklog would stop using the submit/
submitloginrequired.thtml template file altogether and instead use users/

bye, Dirk


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