[geeklog-devel] The Slogan

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Fri Feb 5 17:12:10 EST 2010

So the search for a new name hasn't really made any progress (not really
unexpected). But there's something else that we should be able to fix
more easily: Geeklog's slogan.

As stated elsewhere, I was never really happy with that slogan.
Initially, because of its claim ("ultimate", i.e. there can't be
anything better - isn't that a tad presumptuous?). And these days, when
somebody heard this slogan, they would most likely associate it with
some other system (starts with a 'W').

So we need something else.

I think that instead of claiming something that we aren't, we should go
with something descriptive (which, I would hope, could also help
overcome any aversion against The Name). So the slogan should express

- what it does
- why you should choose it over something else

The ultimate [yep] plain and simple slogan for a CMS (IMHO, FWIW,
anyway) would be

  "Software to build websites with"

But that one's already taken: Dries Buytaert used it in his 2009 FrOSCon
keynote (for Drupal, of course).

However, that's the general direction I think we should be going. So
here are some lame attempts of my own:

  Publish your stuff. Securily.
  Build a Website, securily.
  Web Publishing - reliable and secure.

So for me, the answer to the 2 above questions is that "it's something
that lets you build a website" and "it's safe, you won't get hacked
every other week".

Yes, I realize "your stuff" is not really printable. It was just to get
me in the mood of thinking in a certain direction: This is an elevator
pitch to the extreme. Or think of it as a Twitter post with 40-60
characters max.

So, who can come up with something better?

And to make it more interesting, I'll throw in a t-shirt[1] for the winner :)

bye, Dirk

[1] http://www.flickr.com/photos/pinguary/4060943454/


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