[geeklog-devel] PostgreSQL support has landed!

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Tue Jan 26 15:58:04 EST 2010

I have now pushed the code from Stan's GSoC project to add PostgreSQL
support over to the main repository, making this the first of our 2009
GSoC projects to make it into the main tree. Congrats :)

Now, things are still a little rough around the edges, mostly because of
all the changes that Geeklog has gone through since the Summer.

In particular, you need to disable pretty much every plugin during the
install (use the "Install and configure addition plugins" option on Step
2). The XMLsitemap plugin should work - no guarantees for the others.
Stan promised to sync the plugin's Postgres install files with the
latest changes of their MySQL counterparts soon.

I've already fixed a few minor issues. One that I haven't been able to
fix ad hoc is an SQL error when trying to save changes to your profile -
something about double single quotes, i.e. ''0''. Stan?

Over the weekend, I also made a change to the install script so that it
checks which database driver classes are actually present and only
display those that are. So in the worst case, we could simply leave the
"pgsql" files out of the tarball. But I'm sure that won't be necessary :)

bye, Dirk


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