[geeklog-devel] PostgreSQL support has landed!

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Tue Jan 26 20:04:08 EST 2010

Hey Dirk,

I fixed the double,  single quote error. Also fixed the staticpages
plugin, which was the only one that gave me problems during the
install. The other ones look fine from a quick pass. I attached the
files with the changes. I know it sort of defeats the purpose of csv
but I don't want to rush and push it main.

On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 3:58 PM, Dirk Haun <dirk at haun-online.de> wrote:
> I have now pushed the code from Stan's GSoC project to add PostgreSQL
> support over to the main repository, making this the first of our 2009
> GSoC projects to make it into the main tree. Congrats :)
> Now, things are still a little rough around the edges, mostly because of
> all the changes that Geeklog has gone through since the Summer.
> In particular, you need to disable pretty much every plugin during the
> install (use the "Install and configure addition plugins" option on Step
> 2). The XMLsitemap plugin should work - no guarantees for the others.
> Stan promised to sync the plugin's Postgres install files with the
> latest changes of their MySQL counterparts soon.
> I've already fixed a few minor issues. One that I haven't been able to
> fix ad hoc is an SQL error when trying to save changes to your profile -
> something about double single quotes, i.e. ''0''. Stan?
> Over the weekend, I also made a change to the install script so that it
> checks which database driver classes are actually present and only
> display those that are. So in the worst case, we could simply leave the
> "pgsql" files out of the tarball. But I'm sure that won't be necessary :)
> bye, Dirk
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