[geeklog-devel] Geeklog 1.7.1rc1 & looking ahead

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Tue Oct 12 16:17:26 EDT 2010

Rouslan Placella wrote:

> If there are plans to continue improving the graphics, it would make
> sense to have "Geeklog style guidelines". Because I'm a newbie in
> open-source software development, I don't know how things work around
> here and what is necessary for this (or if this is even necessary).

We don't really have any style guidelines. Regarding design, we're all amateurs here.

Simon Lord (who also designed the current Geeklog logo) was our "house artist" for a long time. This position has been vacant since Simon moved on.

> As far as GL logo goes, I'm available to do work on it, if this is
> required.

I don't really see the need for an entirely new logo - unless someone comes up with something fresh and convincing, of course. The current logo may need some retouching to better fit with whatever comes out of the efforts for a new site design.

> One issue that I can see with the current logo is that
> it is saved in a not-very-nice format: GIF.

That's because one of those amateurs (read: me) did that at one point and nobody has ever bothered to provide a better version. A higher-res version of the Geeklog logo is available here:


bye, Dirk

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