[geeklog-devel] GSoC 2011 announced

Dan Stoner danstoner at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 09:04:06 EST 2011

Are adding editors really so simple?  It seems like there are a lot of
"quirks" that could use some polish.

For example, write half of a story in Plain Text and then decide to
switch to the advanced editor... switching editors blows the existing

The wiki syntax also could use some polish (I remember having problems
with it trying to use it for sample "code" blocks, it couldn't deal
with curly braces).

How hard would it be to add BBCode support for story editing?

Just some ideas / possible itches worth scratching.

 - Dan Stoner

On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 9:59 PM, Joe Mucchiello <jmucchiello at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dirk wrote:
>> Rouslan Placella wrote:
>>> How about integrating the Aloha editor as a project?
>> I had that idea already, but I doubt it would keep someone busy for a
>> summer. I think I had the proof-of-concept integration (minus saving,
>> though) done in about 30 minutes and that only took me so long since I was
>> doing it on an iPad, logged into my Linux box at home, all the way from
>> Amsterdam ;-)
> How about changing editor integration into something so simple you can just
> do something like [advanced_editor:identifier opt1=abc opt2=def height=8] in
> a template file and through the magic of autotags (and some core support)
> the editor just "magically" appears so that plugin writers don't have to
> figure out how to do advanced editor support. (I'm guessing it would also
> take a function to pull this off but tying the function to an autotag would
> be great.) Right now editor integration requires work when it should be
> simple to put an advanced editor onto a page.Would that take a summer?
> And of course it should be easy to swap out the Aloha editor with some other
> editor.
>   Joe
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