[geeklog-devel] Geeklog 1.9.0 RC Timeline

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Wed Feb 8 14:59:01 EST 2012

So are we still on track for and end of February release?


Dirk do you think you have time to have the first 3 items on the list since
you have the most experience with the install and have already dealt with
the comment form?


I am not sure what is involved but I will take a look at Support IPv6 in
Spam-X IP Blacklist module.


I do not think we should update Geeklog.net with this release.  I rather
have some more testing done before that happens.  I also believe I need to
do a few forum updates to make it compatible with Geeklog 1.9.0 (I will have
to check on that).





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I was just wondering about the time frame for getting Geeklog 1.9.0 RC out
the door? There is a lot of stuff that needs to be tested.


Stuff left to do that should be added or fixed that I see include: 


-          Mercurial Install Error

-          Failure when trying to report sitemap.xml write error

-          Comments Form

-          Delete OAuth Account bug

-          Support IPv6 in Spam-X IP Blacklist module

-          Scripts class including theme's style.css

-          Password Hash Upgrade



Anything else or any comments?



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