[geeklog-devel] Geeklog Feeds and how they are suppose to work?

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Oct 6 13:01:38 EDT 2012

Tom wrote:

> 1) Currently COM_rdfUpToDateCheck is being called in index.php where someone
> is likely viewing the homepage or topics. I am not sure why this was put
> here since a feed can change and it doesn't matter if a user views a topic
> or not. The updated smarter call to this should be moved to lib-common.

The idea was probably that you really only need to publish a "future" article if someone is actually looking at the list of articles - and so you only need to update the feed when that happens.

Not sure if that makes sense any more. However, moving the call to lib-common.php would obviously put even more load on the server since the check would then be run for every call to Geeklog, no matter what the current user is doing.

> 2) You can pass an updated type to COM_rdfUpToDateCheck, for example
> 'calendar' like so. 
> COM_rdfUpToDateCheck('calendar', $event_type, $eid);
> I assumed this would just update the calendar plugin feed but I am wrong.
> All it does is pass the variable to ALL the plugin functions
> plugin_feedupdatecheck_xxx. The plugin function is supposed to then use it
> (I am not sure how or why) because none of the core plugins or forum does.

I think the type was really only used to figure out if we need to update all the feeds or only the feeds of a specific plugin (see the check in COM_rdfUpToDateCheck)

> Or should COM_rdfUpToDateCheck use $updated_type to
> update only the correct plugin feeds? 

Is that not what it's doing now? When you edit, say, a calendar entry (as an admin), COM_rdfUpToDateCheck('calendar') is called and only the calendar feeds are updated. That the 'calendar' bit is passed down to the plugin is really just redundant information, I think.

bye, Dirk


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