[geeklog-devel] Geeklog Template Class Improvements

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Fri Apr 12 19:31:45 EDT 2013

Yes it will have a config option for disabling the CTL along with a few
other options.


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Tom wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am looking into updating the Geeklog Template Class with the one 
> from glFusion.
> I have most parts working but I still need to do a few tweaks to get 
> it working 100%. Before I spend more time on this I just want to get 
> everyone's thumbs up or down for adding it to the repository.
> Here are the features it will Add:
> - All current Geeklog themes, plugins, etc.. will be compatible and 
> require no changes (except maybe for the media gallery that already 
> uses the caching template library)
> - A Caching Template Library (Compiles templates to PHP code for 
> enhanced page load speeds). This can be turned off if needed as there 
> are some cases with servers that have slow disk access which may give 
> negative speed improvements
> - Adds logic processing to the templates
> - Themes can now be based on another theme and only contain the 
> changed template files
> I will also have to reapply most of the changes from 2010 onwards that 
> we did to our current Template class (which are only a few).
> Let me know what you guys think?
> Tom

Good news!  I would like to see the features implemented.  Whether to turn
on caching should be an admin configuration item.  Besides, I hope to see a
fall back feature, where some template file of a new theme is missing,
Geeklog will use the counterpart file of the default theme.

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