[geeklog-devel] test-framework - Build # 881 - Failure

Kenji ITO geeklog at mystral-kk.net
Fri Jan 3 04:26:33 EST 2014

Dirk wrote:

>> With changeset 8830d7f56f75, I changed $LANG_configselects['Core'] in
>> english.php, english_utf-8.php and japanese_utf-8.php and it caused an
>> error.  Should I change all the other language files manually or is
>> there
>> an automagical way?
> I just ran the script to update the language files and committed the
> changes. That should fix it.
> I was thinking about setting this up as an automated process but I'm
> somewhat reluctant since it would require changes to be committed
> automatically. What do the others think?

Thanks for fixing language files.  I don't like the idea that changes will
be committed automatically.  Rather, how about changing test-framework so
that language files will not be checked each time a language file is
committed.  Of course, language files have to be checked before a beta
version or a release candidate is out.
Kenji ITO

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