[geeklog-devel] wiki.geeklog.net mediawiki migration

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Sat Jul 30 07:23:49 EDT 2016

Hi Dan,

Michael from Spacesquad  started migrating the wiki a few weeks ago. He is
updating the format along with the information as he goes. He is using
DokuWiki along with a plugin that embeds the wiki into Geeklog.

I have used the github wiki a little bit before and agree with your
assessment. If we were not embedding the wiki into Geeklog.net then with
DokuWIki the GitHub wiki might be worth looking at if others agree (I assume
GitHub plans on updating the thing).

Did you want to update the current wiki to the latest version? I am not sure
how much time Michael has to put into the project so am unsure when he will
complete it.  I also still need to update the DokuWiki plugin to the latest
version which will not happen till  the beginning of September.


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I mentioned this over 1 year ago but ran into "problems" and never succeeded
to migrate to a new VPS server. I am going to get back to this task.

At this point, since Geeklog is now on github, it is worth posing the
question about whether the wiki content could/should be moved into github

After using github wiki on some $WORK projects, I have to say that the wiki
features are far less powerful than mediawiki, but organizationally it might
be the right thing to do.

If that doesn't sound interesting to you folks then I will proceed with
migrating wiki.geeklog.net to a new/updated VPS server so I can upgrade to a
"current' mediawiki release as planned.


Dan Stoner
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