[geeklog-users] Newbie 1st post (installation problem on Windows)

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Wed May 21 15:06:45 EDT 2003

Hey Geekers,

I've been using Smarty & Fusebox for PHP, so I'm not a complete ninny, but
when installing Geeklog for the 1st time on Windoze I get:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in
c:\apache\htdocs\geeklog\public_html\lib-common.php on line 3815

Line 3815 is (this looks entirely wrong):

 else if( $A['type'] ']']']']']']']']']==
']==']']']']==']']']==']']==']=='poll' )

What the heck is that?! (I un-tar'ed with WinRAR).

Incedently, I am trying to use geeklog1.3.7sr1 (with the index.php fix)
installed into:


not localhost/

Even though I tried both C:\\Apache\\htdocs\\geeklog\\ and
C:/Apache/htdocs/geeklog/ for $_CONF['path'] - same result.

The above error shows onscreen for 1 millisecond before refreshing to

Any insight would be appreciated.


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