[geeklog-users] Newbie 1st post (installation problem on Windows)

geeklog-users-admin at lists.geeklog.net geeklog-users-admin at lists.geeklog.net
Wed May 21 15:20:51 EDT 2003

Geoff wrote:

>Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in
>c:\apache\htdocs\geeklog\public_html\lib-common.php on line 3815
>What the heck is that?! (I un-tar'ed with WinRAR).

That's a corrupted lib-common.php. If you've untared it with WinRAR, then
what did you use to edit it? Dreamweaver, by any chance?

Anyway, start with a fresh copy of that file and use a "plain text
editor" when you make the one-line change in there. Then try again.

bye, Dirk


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