[geeklog-users] Problems with special characters

Rob Griffiths robg at macosxhints.com
Thu Nov 13 18:57:55 EST 2003

Dang, now I'm >really< confused!  I just tested the sample code...

Testing\backslashes<>and other things

...on geeklog.net, and it does NOT work. And yet, on my PowerBook, it
works just fine -- and as I said, that's running 1.38sr2, which is (I
assume) the same thing that's running on geeklog.net, right?

Is there a php.ini setting that might explain this?  I'm almost thinking
that must be the reason ... whatever that setting might be, it's
obviously set the same on macosxhints.com and my PowerBook, and
different on geeklog.net.  Any idea what?  Is it a potential security
hole that I should be concerned about?


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>I thought it was fixed!??

Well, I surely didn't fix it. ;-)

The problem with backslashes exists all over Geeklog. As it's a special
character for PHP, it has to be escaped. We had the same problem with
the $ sign in earlier releases and that required changes all over the
place. So far, nobody had the motivation to do that again.

I guess it should at least be fixed for the [code] sections ...

bye, Dirk


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